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'Bringing out the gifts'

ANFO and Hayti Heritage Center

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Performing Arts Summer Camp

Emphasis is given to the development of characters, through which comes a better understanding of the motivations and needs of others. The process of performance helps to build confidence and group interaction. The goal is a quality ensemble theatre in which cooperation and consideration for individual talents and needs are essential.  ANFO also provides a chance for children to work along side professional performers. 




    ANFO Productions Foundation, founded in 1998 is a not-for-profit organization. ANFO is a children's performance company that is dedicated to providing quality theater at a low cost for all audiences. ANFO also gives children an opportunity to share their talents along side professionals in all aspects of entertainment.
    The purpose of ANFO Foundation is to provide a vehicle for children of diverse backgrounds to discover and develop their talents. ANFO will provide a unique venue for young people to exercise their imaginations, nurture their creative talents and have meaningful theatrical experiences.

ANFO will also provide a vehicle for professional artist to develop creative works that promote educational and cultural themes.

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